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We are lucky enough to have a dedicated rescue vehicle (a Toyota Fortuner donated by Pangolin.Africa) which clocks up plenty of kilometres each year!  


The area that we serve is huge and the costs of fuel and maintenance are significant and unavoidable. Often when an animal is found or retrieved the people who have done so are not able to get the animal to the centre so it's up to us to go and get it. 


R1200 is the average amount it costs to retrieve an animal and get it back to the centre. This covers fuel costs as well as the associated maintenance costs incurred as a result of the mileage. We can be in the car all day retrieving animals so your support with vehicle costs is hugely appreciated. 


If you are a mechanic and would like to support us with maintianing our vehicles, please contact us at

Vehicle Costs

R1 200,00Price
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