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We aslo strive to ensure our animals environments are enriched, so we use the basis of environmental enrichment to ensure their enclosures are more complex and dynamic, to provide more stimulating, cognitive challenges, and opportunities to make choices, control social interactions and behave in more diverse species-specific ways. 


We do this in by using one of the following approaches:

  • Social (contact or non-contact); Occupational (psychological, e.g. puzzles, and exercise e.g. mechanical devices or access to a run);
  • Physical (enclosure design, e.g. size or complexity, and accessories, e.g. toys);
  • Sensory (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, taste);
  • Nutritional (delivery of food, e.g. frequency, schedule, presentation, and type of food e.g. novelty and variety) (1).


Also if you have the following things at home and would like to donate them directly to the centrer you can do that also 

  • Hard plastic pools  -  not blow up kind! 
  • Baby monitors
  • Bird feeders
  • Bird toys (bells / mirrors and such) 
  • Cat / Dog beds
  • Cat / Dog houses
  • Cat scratchers 
  • Plasic balls  (that cant pop!)
  • Hammocks


You can go to the donate goods or services section or you can also email to see what they need. 


Thank you!

Enclosure Enrichments

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