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We are the Kalahari Wildlife Project,  based in the Northern Cape of South Africa specialising in the rescue and rehabilitation of all the injured Kalahari species including pangolins, meerkats, aardwolves, various birds of prey, smaller primates and on occasion big cats like servals and cheetahs. 

Many of the wildlife species in our care have been involved in accidents such as road collisions or other human-wildlife conflicts. We also treat and release endangered species that have been retrieved from the illegal wildlife trade by the Hawks, the Stocktheft Endangered Species Unit from the SA Police Service,  Nature Conservation and the Public.


We are privately funded by our wonderful supporters - private and corporate.

We spend 100% of all donations on the work that needs to be done!

We are not open to the public as the work we need to carry out needs to be private, calm and secure. Thank you for your understanding. If you would like to help us please buy something for the animal rehabilitation centre from the shop or simply make a donation.

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